Take Action to Do What's Best for Your Family

Speak with a Bremerton, WA family law attorney

Anything that involves the restructuring of a family is stressful and emotional, but it is important to remain resolute during these troubling times in order to take the actions that will most benefit you and your family. A family law attorney can inform you of the necessary steps when facing divorce or other domestic issues and initiate the legal process. Legal assistance from Williamson Law Group concerning domestic law issues is billed at an hourly rate. Call today to speak with an experienced Bremerton, WA, family law attorney.


Williamson Law Group works with individuals seeking full dissolution of their marriage. We assist with the entire legal process, negotiate allocation of assets and further terms of the divorce.

Parenting plans

Establishing child custody agreements is one of the most difficult phases of a divorce. The family law attorneys at Williamson Law Group strive to help you maintain an active role in your child's life.


A family law attorney is required when petitioning for adopting a child. Rely on Williamson Law Group for assistance with filing the necessary paperwork and throughout the adoption process.

Child support

Divorce is just as hard on the children as it is on the parents. Minimize the effect divorce has on them financially by seeking a child support agreement that is fair and meets their needs.