Establish Your End of Life Directives and Have Peace of Mind

Estate planning and probate services in Bremerton, WA

Planning for the inevitable can be unnerving, but it is essential to instituting the conditions of your estate when you pass or should you become incapacitated. Rely on Williamson Law Group to develop sound, legal documents that reflect your intended medical treatment and disbursement of your estate. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

Basic wills

Your basic will establishes directives for the disbursement of your assets following your passing. Establishing a will allows your family to properly grieve your passing without confusion and dispute over the new ownership of assets.

Will, power of attorney, medical directive package

This package includes your basic will, but also establishes power of attorney and instructions for medical care should you become mentally or physically incapable of caring for yourself. This is the most effective way of ensuring you and your family are prepared.

Probate services

When a will is not in place or the validity of the will is challenged, the dispute is resolved in probate court. Rely on Williamson Law Group to facilitate the process and reach a resolution quickly. Call today to schedule an initial consultation with a probate lawyer in Bremerton, Washington.