Some cases are billed on a flat fee basis while other cases require advanced legal fees. Flat fees are paid in advance of legal services and earned upon receipt. The flat fee covers all legal services thereafter rendered for the particular matter that the attorney is retained for. Advanced legal fees are also due in advance of the services being performed, but are earned by the attorney as the work is performed. The advanced legal fee is deposited into the firm's trust account and is used to credit against future billings and costs that the client incurs during the course of representation. Attorney time is billed at $275.00/hour and paralegal time is billed at $175.00 per hour.

An Uncontested Divorce

With no children, and no property division required OR an uncontested divorce no children and an a already executed property settlement agreement/CR2A or mediated agreement

Flat fee of $750.00

With children, but otherwise the same factors set forth above

Flat fee of $1,000.

With no children, and no written agreement as to property division/spousal support

Flat fee of $1250

With children, but no written agreement as to property divisions/support

Flat fee of $1500.

If an uncontested divorce requires a QDRO, it is a flat fee of $250 per QDRO needed.

Contested Divorce

With no children

Minimum advanced legal fee of $2500

With children

Minimum advanced legal fee of $5000

A contested parenting plan action

Minimum advanced legal fee of $3,500 ($3500 if child support is not at issue).

Contempt Motion

If parties were never married

Flat fee of $1250

If parties are/were married (within Ktisap County)

A domestic violence protection order

Flat fee of $1500

Flat fee of $1,000 (within Kitsap County)

Mediation Payment Process

A $500 deposit is required prior to the mediation.

The mediation will be billed at an hourly rate, and paid immediately after each session. The deposit will be credited toward the final bill.

Wills and Probate

Simple will (Individual):

Flat fee of $300.00

Simple wills (married couple):

Flat fee of $500.00

Powers of Attorney (Financial/Healthcare):

Flat fee of $250.00

Community Property Agreement:

Flat fee of $500.00

Will/POA Package (individual):


Will/POA Package (married couple):


Will/POA Package w/Community:


Property Agreement:


Probate has a minimum of a $1500 advanced legal fee.


Step Parent and Adult Adoption (without termination)

$1500.00 minimum advanced legal fee

All other adoptions

$2500.00 minimum advanced legal fee